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DJ Player Professional

Get creative with the state of the art professional DJ technology. DJ Player Pro goes beyond the laptop DJ with superior audio quality, innovative control and style. DESIGNED FOR PROFESSIONAL DJS DJ Player Pro is designed for professional DJs that perform in clubs and on stage. Enjoy amazing low latency, rock solid stability and the cleanest sound. CREATE YOUR OWN DREAM DJ SETUP DJ Player Pro is the most flexible DJ solution. Use it standalone, or in any combination of the touchscreen, external mixers, MIDI controllers, sound cards and vinyl (DVS). GO MULTITRACK WITH STEMS STEMS format is fully implemented. Go crazy with individual effect routing. 4 decks with 4 Stems each -- 16 tracks simultaneously under your control. ENJOY THE EXCLUSIVE CONVENIENCE OF DJ CLOUD Safe storage and instant access for your cue points, loops and bpm data in the DJ Player Pro Cloud. Automatic data sync for all your devices. Instant track preparation with Cloud Community Power: if a new song has been prepared by fellow DJs, you get it prepared out-of-the-box. SET YOUR DJ MIXING STYLE Set your preference in DJ Player Pro. Manual beat-matching, tempo sync and beat sync are both supported. Pitch bend is available in all modes. EXPERIENCE LOW LATENCY SUPERPOWERED AUDIO TECHNOLOGY It's the only DJ application that has every component developed in-house. This unprecedented level of integration allows DJ Player Pro to provide better performance than laptop DJ software. It provides desktop-grade performance on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. DJ Player Pro also outperforms all the over-priced, shiny gear you see at music festivals. FORGET THE TOYS, THIS IS SERIOUS No virtual on-screen hardware, no toy-like turntables. Everything just where you need it and nothing that won't work in a real, professional DJ booth. MIDI CONTROL DJ Player Pro supports all USB Class Compliant MIDI controllers and audio devices. It comes with plug-and-play support for many, and also has a fully integrated MIDI mapping editor. Use a USB hub and multiple devices to create your wildest MIDI setup. DO YOU SCRATCH? DJ Player Pro supports most timecode vinyl formats. Extend your scratching techniques with DVS FX, MIDI-mappable multi-deck control or fixed 4 beats rotation. DO YOU HAVE A BIG MUSIC LIBRARY? Unlike other mobile DJ apps, displaying, sorting, searching and filtering happens within a fraction of a second, regardless of the size of your music library. DJ TechTools: "Excellent performance and sound." "… the most legitimate consideration available for using an iPad (or iPads) to DJ instead of a laptop." DJWORX: "DJ player has just raised the bar considerably, as well as the expectations of the masses following this amazing progress." "… this is exciting stuff." - 2 or 4 decks, internal, external or portablist mixer modes - 3 fx slots per deck, choose from: roll, whoosh, jet, lofi, gate, low/high/band/peak filters, echo, reverb - 3-band equalizer (-100 db to +6 db), channel fader, gain, lp/hp filter, crossfader with adjustable curves - manual and auto looping - key lock/time stretching and pitch shifting - automatic beatgrid and bpm detection - tempo sync, beat sync, manual beatmatching, tempo control with multiple ranges, fine adjust, fader bend, pitch bend, quantize - slip mode, slip scratching, slip reverse - 8 cue/loop points - split-cable support with stereo recording - direct music library access - Deezer and Dropbox integration - WebDAV for network drives PLUG-AND-PLAY CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Allen&Heath: XONE:K2 Hercules: DJ Control Air(+), DJControl Instinct, DJControl Compact, RMX2, P32DJ iCon: iDJ iON: iDJ 2 GO Numark: iDJ Pro, iDJ Live, N4, Mixtrack Pro, Mixtrack Pro II, Mixtrack Pro 3, Party Mix, Party Mix Pro Pioneer: DDJ-SB Reloop: Terminal Mix 2 Stanton: DJC.4 Vestax: Spin2, VCI-400 See for more information and detailed manual.

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    It is convenient to work as well for music lovers
    Overall the best dj program on any platform”
    And the deck screens are clean and extremely user friendly
    Great music app for dj's”
    You can match up two songs automatically without syncing it manually”
    The sound quality is excellent the beat matching is awesome”
    I believe this app is really helpful and funny for DJs
    Provides a complete DJ music library
    This little app that puts me to sleep very time”
    I like Dj very much and I'm a amateur DJ fan”
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