Diving Buddy - Scuba Pre-Dive Check Aid


Diving Buddy - Scuba Pre-Dive Check Aid

Diving Buddy is an app for divers of all skill levels. It contains advanced calculators along with useful reference material that will be useful for any pre-dive check. CALCULATORS: - Calculate your dive run time - Calculate oxygen toxicity levels when diving with Nitrox - Maximum Operating Depth based on nitrox and partial pressure of oxygen. - Calculate the MINIMUM gas required to make your ascent safely - Calculate how much weight you need to add or take off based on the suit you are wearing and the water you are diving in - Calculate the weight of air in a cylinder - Calculate how much air will be in two cylinders after they have been balanced REFERENCE MATERIAL: - Diving safely - Leading a dive - Diving before or after flying (altitude differences) - Beaufort scale quick-guide DIVING BUDDY is an intricate app made by master divers with decades of experience. OTHER FEATURES: - UNIT CONVERSIONS - Favourite calculations - Recent calculations

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