Divided Bill Splitter


Divided Bill Splitter

Divided is an intelligent bill splitter and tip calculator for your iPhone. Simple splits are lightning fast, and you can customise each person's bill with Adjustments. Divided can then: - Round totals up or down to the nearest whole number. - Send an email summarising the bill and its adjustments. - Difficult party? Bring out Adjustments. - Adjustments help you cover the cases where it's inappropriate for everyone to pay the same. Divided supports: A certain amount • For those who know exactly what they spent. Pay more • Got an extra beer? Just let Divided know to add £3 to your bill. Pay less • No drinks? Divided can make sure you pay £10 less than everyone else. Pay for several • Get the amount you need for 2 or more people. Divided takes care of the maths while you take care of the coffees. ---------------------- If you find a bug, please let me know via the support link below. Hopefully that'll mean I can track down the cause and make the app better for everyone!

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