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GOLDEN AGE COMICS are hidden treasures of our modern age. If you have been collecting comic books your whole life (like I have) you probably still do not know the extent and quality of Golden Age books. We have about 10,000 Golden Age books which we are adding to our On-Line Catalog (we are adding hundreds per week). Our Catalog has many gems from master comic book men like Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Carmine Infantino, etc. We have amazing titles like Race to the Moon, Black Magic, Chamber of Chills, Frankenstein, Mr Magoo, Phantom Lady, Sheena, Terry and the Pirates, The Spirit, Tom Corbett Space Cadet, Web of Mystery, etc. We have great Dell TV comics like Beverly Hillbillies, Beany and Cecil, Car 54, Dr Kildare, McHales Navy, Sea Hunt, The Rifleman, The Untouchables, Voyage to the Deep, Wyatt Earp and many many more! Dime Comics App is both an On-Line Catalog of thousands of Golden Age Comics as well as a comic book reader for comics you download through the catalog. This all-in-one app, will allow you to browse and search comics in the catalog and then allows you to download any comic to your iPad with a single click. Due to the high cost of server storage (check out the cost of Amazon S3 storage for over 300 GB!!!) I do have to charge a few pennies for each issue. But with that you can delete and re-download anytime which means your limited space iPad can download many GB of data! This App includes 20 free downloads to start you off. The price of the Unlimited Download in-app purchase is about the cost of 2 new comics today (which we hope you agree is a bargain!) FEATURES: 1. 20 Free Comic downloads included 2. Comic Catalog with Cover images and book data. Catalog has auto update feature to keep your Catalog updated as new issues are added. 3. Full featured Comic Book Reader. 4. Single Click Download to easily get comics into the Library Area of your Dime Comics App. 5. Download Screen to view current and queued book downloads 6. Sort Catalog by Genre, Download Status, Publishers, Titles, etc. 7. Comics you download can be archived and re-downloaded for free anytime. 8. Drag downloaded comics out of iTunes and onto your PC/Mac for saving, backup, or viewing. The assortment of genres from the Golden Age of comics is vast. Our Catalog includes the following Genre List: Adventure, Classics, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Jungle, Non-Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Spy, Superhero, Teenagers, War, Western Please use the Send Email Feedback feature of the app to request enhancements and improvements and to provide any feedback. We take feedback seriously and will address all issues.

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