Dharma & 5 Precepts Teachings


Dharma & 5 Precepts Teachings

Carry your spiritual guide in your pocket with the Buddhism Spiritual Beliefs App. This free app enables you to carry enlightenment and spirituality wherever you may be. Aimed to support beginners and intermediate level students of the Buddha in the attainment of knowledge and truth, this app provides quick and easy access to the teachings of Buddha and the Dharma. Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Guatama, Shakyamuni or simply the Buddha was a prince who relinquished all wealth in search of enlightenment, until he attained this under the Bodhi tree. Buddha taught of the ‘middle way’ between sensual indulgence and severe asceticism - a path of moderation away from extremes also known as the 8 fold path. Buddhist teaching today offers support and guidance to live in the modern world, observing the teachings of Buddha. The Buddhism Spiritual Beliefs app summarises the teachings of Buddha. This beautiful guide develops your knowledge of the teachings and brings enlightenment as you live your day to day life. The Buddhism Spiritual Beliefs app begins with teachings of: The Buddhist five precepts - the rules by which students of buddhism should strive to live. The three Jewels - The Buddha, The Sangha and the Dharma The Three Fold Way - Ethics, meditation and wisdom The Four Noble Truths - Identifying the way in which suffering is maintained The Noble Eight Fold Path - A more in depth exploration of the Three Fold Way Buddhism Spiritual Beliefs App provides seven different chants and chanting audio to support and deepen your practice including the refuges and precepts of Buddhism. In addition, this enlightening app provides a short basic guided Buddhist meditation, with 3 meditation timers. A 20 minute meditation timer, 30 minute meditation timer and a 40 minute duration meditation timer, to enable mindfulness meditation practice at any time or in any place. The spiritual guide also features an inspirational, uplifting, motivational quote of the day, providing a new quote each and every day of the year. Buddhism Spiritual Beliefs App also includes over 100 regularly updated podcasts featuring teachings from various, respected speakers, providing lectures and inspirational talks on a range of buddhist topics including areas such as: - What is Mindfulness Practice - The Heart Sutra - Buddhist View of Rebirth - Karma Niyama - The Dharma is Everywhere

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