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Desert Truck

Now 50% off with 0% new features! I didn't forget about this game. I'm only trying to make good ones now. Oops, did I imply that this game isn't good? What isn't good about driving in a straight line for hours? Based on the stupifyingly realistic simulator Desert Bus, Desert Truck aims to bring all of the excitement of driving a truck down an endless stretch of desert highway to the palm of your hand. Feel the engine roar. Count the cacti as they fly by. Fear for your life and career as you plow over street signs and desert plant life after falling asleep at the wheel. Watch out for that slight pull to the left! Do you have what it takes to rack up the miles in this endless game of trucking excitement? The CB radio and hula dancer have already been unlocked! What could be next? Amazing features: -Real time day cycle based on the actual time of day -Accelerometer controls. -Odometer is backed up online to track the total miles driven for every copy of Desert Truck -Pine-scented air freshener Coming soon, achievements, Game Center, and global distance traveled milestones that will unlock mildly interesting new features such as a hula girl bobbler, tumbleweed, a CB Radio with interesting characters to listen to, and actual goals! Have an interesting suggestion for an unlock, or something you'd like to see improved? Leave a review. I appreciate your constructive feedback. Disclaimer: This game is intended for novelty purposes and, while amusing, has no ending and is not challenging. The road is always straight, and it merely requires you to hold the gas and correct the steering’s slight pull to the left. In order to fully enjoy the game, it is suggested that you make up your own goals or sing travel songs. Future versions of the game will include challenges and achievements to make the game a bit more interesting.

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