Depression Mood Monitor


Depression Mood Monitor

Depression Mood Monitor is an easy-to-use app which helps track mood changes as they happen and records them in an easy-to-read chart format. It also includes comment and alert functions and one-step email so charts and comments can be sent to nominated addresses. This app is designed to complement and enhance existing treatments and gives health providers accurate up-to-date information to help manage depressive disorders. The user interface incorporates a graphic display which is simple and intuitive. Users can make entries with three easy steps in a matter of seconds and review details at any stage. Also available with this app is a free printable wall chart in PDF format designed as an extra tool for health providers who may wish to use it as a visual reference aid. Screens: Depression Mood Monitor has four basic function screens. The main screen is a dashboard style interface which allows quick selection of the appropriate prevailing mood. The other three screens incorporate charts that record mood changes, a reminders screen which allows alerts to be set up and the wall chart option. How to use this app: This app has a four button toolbar at the bottom of the display. Tapping the ‘Today’ button allows access to the main interface to set a mood. Once a mood has been selected the 'Set' button is tapped and this records a point on a corresponding chart that is accessible through the ‘Charts’ button. This interface also has a 'Comments' button. Tapping this allows relevant comments to be entered and saved. These are automatically attached to the charts when they are emailed with dates and times recorded. Note: if more than one mood change is entered in a 24 hour period the ‘Comments’ screen will automatically pop up and recommend that a user records relevant information as to why a mood change has occurred again so quickly. The most recent entry in a 24 hour period will be the one registered on the chart. Charts can be viewed and emailed at any time and the email function is accessed via the ‘Charts’ button. Charts can be viewed in 'Weekly', 'Monthly' or 'All' formats. The ‘Reminders’ button allows reminders to be set. This function integrates with the calendar of the particular device the app has been uploaded to. Tapping the ‘Wall Chart’ button allows a PDF of the main interface to be emailed to a nominated address for printing and to be used as a visual reference aid.

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