Deep Breathing


Deep Breathing

Deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, slow breathing, or controlled breathing exercises are popular in the wellness movement as a mind-body technique. It is not a form of physical exercise. It is a mind-body technique that can be added to various routines for an added relaxing effect. Highlights of Deep Breathing: -Deep breathing is a mind-body technique. -The long term practicing of deep breathing exercises improves wellness. -Slow breathing is the healthiest form of deep breathing. This application is a tool to help you with Deep breathing exercise. It uses two forms of guidelines to help you practise this technique correctly. First one is a bar moving between two lines to indicate the cycle of breathing in and breathing out. Second is a diagram of the whole breathing cycle. It shows a pointer guiding you thru the breathing cycle. Main features of this tool are: - Track weekly progress - Customise breathing in and breathing out phase duration - Customise duration of pause after breathing in and breathing out - Customise daily session duration. - Optional sounds/voice guidance (multiple languages) - 11 different backgrounds and 10 various bar indicators - Bar guideline and second small diagram indicator - Background music. Music player integration - screen for song selection and play/pause, buttons. - Option to allow quit music on exit - Optional HealthKit (Health app) integration - Optional daily reminder For more information about Deep breathing technique please visit the following sites: For list of all background and indicator images please refer to the product site.

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