Turn your iPhone and iPod touch into a wireless drive and file viewer with DataCase! Usage instructions and How To videos are available at Drag and Drop: DataCase works directly with Finder and Bonjour to make saving files to your iPhone easy. Start DataCase and your Mac already knows that it's there. Drag and drop files just like it was another hard drive. Mac or PC: DataCase works with any computer that has wireless capabilities or is connected to a wireless network. Browse, view, upload, and download your files from finder on a Mac using AFP or from windows explorer on a PC. You can even save files to your iPhone or iPod Touch using industry standard FTP. No external applications necessary. Security: DataCase allows you to create multiple volumes to separate your data any way you like. Each volume is independent and allows you to define how it can be accessed. You can set read, write, and browse permissions for each, or even make it invisible to anyone but you. Volumes can also be set up to alert you before allowing a connection over the network. View your files: No computer available? Why not view your files on your iPhone! DataCase makes it easy to view your Documents. Page up and down, or jump to the top or bottom. DataCase even remembers where you last left off in a document so you don't have to scroll back to where you were to continue reading. Supported file types include: - Microsoft Office (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx) - PDF - Text - Images - Html - Audio - Video Please note that Audio and Video playback is limited to formats that are supported by the iPhone OS. Internationalized: DataCase is localized for English, French, German, and Chinese, with more on the way! Note: OSX 10.4 users, please check our faq for potential AFP compatibility issues.

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  • Highligths
    Data-Case Drop Box is exactly that”
    Password Protection on volumes”
    Ability to move files to different volumes3”
    The regular file browser or web browser does it all”
    Then look at the bottom of your datacase home screen
    I have seen reviews that say handles large PDF files well”
    Good file management program
    Nice document management utility”
    You can hide your private folders after you transfer files also”
  • Keep in mind
    It seems like no one has a decent pdf viewer
    I think this app is defective because it corrupts storage space
    Can't even get help from their tech support
    I can't send files
    Pros+ No need for other programs to transfer files

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