Never forget a wrap time again. If you work in the motion picture or television industry on set, CrewCard is designed for you. Keep track of your call times, meal times, and wrap time. Take notes on each day's work, record your pay rate (great for keeping track of re-rates and bumps). Generate reports based upon shows and/or dates, and email those reports for printing. You can even import the data into a spreadsheet application or database. Features: • Track multiple projects • Track multiple rates • Record call time, wrap time, and meals • CrewCard calculates hours between meals and total hours per day. • Email a wrap time reminder from the phone to whomever keeps track of out times. • Generate a report by project, or within a particular date range, or both. • Email time reports as an easy-to-read table and as a spreadsheet-friendly format. • Keep notes pertinent to each day. From the makers of FilmSlate, the premiere timecode slate for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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