Create Apps using Adobe Flash


Create Apps using Adobe Flash

Mobile Development for Adobe Flash is a training app produced by Train Simple an Adobe Authorized Training Provider. In this app we explore how to access capabilities of various mobiles devices including iPhone and iPad when developing with Adobe Flash CS5.5 and CS6. If you already know some ActionScript, you should feel at home in the course. Links to the exercise files are included with the app. There are almost 6 hours of training video on the following topics. Getting Started with Mobile Development Course Overview Flash Project Device Central Porting Existing Apps iOS Certificates iOS Provisioning Profile Publishing an iOS App Debugging on iOS Touch Events Begin Puzzle Project Setup Puzzle Pieces Adding Pieces to the Stage Make Pieces Drag-able Collision Detection Finishing up the Puzzle Code Publish to iOS View Published App Gestures and Accelerometer Events Zoom Gesture Rotate Gesture Accelerometer Prepare for the Shake Shake Puzzle to Reset Test on Device Building Picture Viewer Adding Swipe Gesture View Exported App Multimedia and GPS Access Camera on Device Camera UI Save to Camera Roll Publish to iOS Testing the App Access Camera Roll Adding Gestures & Publishing App Review App on iPhone Update Gallery View Gallery on Device Access Microphone on Device Maps API Maps Application Viewing Maps Application Display Maps View Maps on a Device Webservices Getting Webservice Class Access Building Stock Quote App Building Stock Quote App pt.2 Building Stock Quote App pt.3 Testing and Publishing Viewing the Stock App Optimize Apps Splash Screen Optimization Techniques Optimizing Graphics Accessing Native Apps Capabilities Descriptor File & Conclusion

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