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Crazy Escape

"I found this game to be extremely fun. For only a buck, there’s really no excuse to not download this one." - Touch Arcade "Crazy Escape’s cartoon style graphics suit the game perfectly and add humor. It’s hard not to laugh as the sheep are dragged mercilessly behind the jeep." - 148Apps 4/5 "Crazy Escape is simple, clever, and fun, and should merit a try from iPhone gamers." - AppSpy 4/5 "Why no one else may have thought of this kind of gameplay yet?" - CheatMasters CUTLET AND MISHMASH: PENGUINS TO THE RESCUE! A terrible thing has happened: the innocent, defenseless sheep have been captured by the greedy wolves for their next banquet. Cutlet and Mishmash, lifelong friends of the sheep, hear their bleats for help and jump into their trusty 4x4(*). Only our heroes can save the day and rescue the sheep from the clutches of the wolves and from their date as dinner. Afraid of nothing, the penguins drive fearlessly into the wolves den ready to liberate their dear, old friends... PUZZLE-ACTION AT ITS FINEST Your task is to help the penguins by drawing the road they’ll take to rescue the sheep. The precision and the speed you use to trace the route will determine if Cutlet and Mishmash are successful or if the sheep will meet their untimely demise. Go too fast or swerve too quickly and the penguins will lose control of their car and crash. Go too slow and the leader of the wolves, hot on the heels of our heroes, will capture them and add them to the menu! To win the coveted gold medal however you’ll have to figure out how to complete the rescue with the shortest route! With over 90 thrilling levels set over different terrains, you’ll be challenged to outmaneuver the well-organized defenses of the wolves while experiencing heart-racing excitement as their leader races after you in hot pursuit. The chase is on! EXHILARATING A game of teasing puzzles and exhilarating action! Only you can save the sheep with a crazy escape! (*) low carbon emissions with less than 100g of CO2 per mega-pixel. PLEASE NOTE: this game does not support the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2

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    What a wonderful surprise in the line drawing genre”
    This cute looking and polished puzzle game is tons of fun”
    Cute And polished casual game
    Great action game
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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