With Countdown+++ you can count down to any event and date that matters to you: -How many days until my wedding anniversary? -How long ago did I quit smoking? -How much longer before Nick’s Birthday party? -How many days do I have to find a Valentine’s present? A NEW WAY TO INTERACT WITH EVENTS AND DATES ------------ Count down to UNLIMITED events and dates with a unique and accurate way. USE IT FOR EVERYTHING ------------ Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine ’s Day, vacation, parties, exams, Halloween, new year’s eve, thanksgiving, wedding day, Christmas, days of quitting smoking and any other date that matters to you. ALARMS ------------ Need to set a reminder for your countdown event? Countdown+++ notifies you, so you’ll never miss an important event again!!! Set up to 33 alarms per event. iCLOUD SYNC ------------ Sync all your events on all your iOS devices automatically. You don’t have to do any setup!!! RED BADGE ICON ------------ Use the red badge icon of the app to show how many days are left for the event you want. The red badge icon updates automatically every day! WIDGET ON TODAY OF NOTIFICATION CENTER ------------ • See the days left at a glance right on the notifications center • Navigate through your events • Open the app from the widget FULL SCREEN COUNTDOWN ------------ Watch the countdown of an event full screen. Put your device on the dock and use it as a digital countdown clock!!! PERSONILAZATION ------------ Countdown+++ was designed with simplicity and functionality. Stunning graphics make tracking time easy and awesome. Personalize each event, using multiple theme colors, alarms, notes, repetitions and other customizations. SHARE ------------ • Share your events from right inside the app • Create event pics, set backgrounds, add filters and share them on social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Countdown+++ MEANS PRODUCTIVITY ------------ Countdown+++ is the only countdown app that combines UNLIMITED dates and events with a completely clean and intuitive interface. MULTIPLE TIME FORMATS ------------ Select the time format to be used: • Live countdown, with precision down to one second • Days only • Weeks and days • Years, months and days COUNTDOWN STICKERS FOR iMESSAGES ------------ Want to send a "Hurry up" to your friends? You can definitely do that! Did someone send you an event? Put a "Mark the date" on it! With over 20 different stickers to choose from, there are lots of ways to share date & time topics and make your messages more fun!! MORE FEATURES ------------ • Create repetitive events (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) • Import events from device’s calendar • Count down and up from dates • Instant event search • Sort events alphabetically, inverse alphabetically, by timeline, by inverse timeline, by date created or by date updated • Take screenshot of your current events list and set it as a lock-screen background

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    By far the best calendar count down app on the App Store”
    It is a great way to stay organized without it being clustered”
    I love the different color options and the alarm ability”
    I just wish for maybe a little more customization options
    And also helps me keep track of birthdays
    This app is awesome and allows you to keep track of everything
    Long distance clock”
    Great Visual Reminder
    Simple and easy interface and display”
    Wish you could add pics from your camera roll though”
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    Will not set badge icon on the iPhone or iPad”

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