What if everything you've learned about how to be healthy and what it means is wrong? Throw calorie counting and logging your food intake out the window. That approach virtually guarantees failure in the long run because no one wants to do that for the rest of their life. Diets have a 95% failure rate because they’re something you go on, which also means they're something you eventually go off. How many times have you lost weight and then put those pounds and more right back on? The only way to permanently fix the short-term is to focus on the long-term from the beginning. Everything else is a temporary gimmick. *************************** Confydo for iPhone *************************** The perfect companion app of to keep you focused on your health while you're away from home. You MUST have a account to be able to use Confydo for iPhone. *************************** What is Confydo? *************************** Confydo is focused on improving your health from the inside out.  Many people want to lose weight, which makes their outside look better.  However, the inside of your body may be unhealthy even if you have no weight to lose.  Complicating matters is that "healthy" is a subjective term and Western Medicine guidelines of what constitutes "normal" or "acceptable" are failing our society, based on results. Our definition of health is centered around seven key metrics of the body, none of which include the scale, and all of which can be easily tested.  We call this your Silent 7.  Then, we focus on a specific, yet flexible health game plan, the Confydo Game Plan, to improve them.  Having a plan is great, but the execution of the plan is what really matters.  We’ve built a mobile app around the Confydo Game Plan which provides an environment of support, motivation, fun and accountability designed around doing with people you know and care about: your friends, family and co-workers. As you can see from our Success Stories on our website, weight loss happens as a by-product of this plan if that is a goal of yours. But again, even a healthy or low weight does not mean you are "healthy." Confydo was started after Coach lost his 34-year-old brother—who appeared to be the picture of health, didn’t need to lose weight, didn’t eat fast food, and had no family history of heart disease—to an instantly fatal heart attack. Yet, somehow with that "healthy" profile, his arteries were between 70%-100% blocked and no one had any idea until the autopsy was performed.   Before starting Confydo, Coach had helped a lot of people lose weight. It was ironic that of all the people Coach had helped, the one who needed it the most appeared perfectly healthy.   Confydo is only interested in achieving long-term, lasting results by having you take a completely different approach to your health.  Crash diets, calorie or point counting, logging your food, eating "diet" food, etc. are all things that may work in the short-term but are destined to fail in the long-term because you are very likely to go on and off these approaches. Ask yourself how many times you’ve tried these methods and, if you’re not satisfied with the long-term results, maybe it’s time to try out a different approach. *************************** Who is Confydo for? *************************** 90% of people think they eat healthy, yet 70% are overweight or obese. And, as the story of Coach’s brother illustrates, your health is about a lot more than just your weight. 50% of heart attacks happen to people with supposedly "normal" cholesterol levels. Confydo is for anyone who is looking for the knowledge, system and tools needed to dramatically improve your health from the inside out. --- *** YOU MUST HAVE A CONFYDO.COM ACCOUNT TO USE THIS APP. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT WWW.CONFYDO.COM TO SIGN UP. Also, we can't respond to support requests here so please email for assistance. Thanks! ***

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