ConcertPlay - Music player with Surround Sound


ConcertPlay - Music player with Surround Sound

ConcertPlay is a music player with Virtual Surround and Parametric Equalizer audio effects. It enhances listening experience and reduces fatigue caused due to long hours of headphone usage. ConcertPlay creates a virtual listening environment with loud speakers positioned around the listener, giving music a natural warmth and richness. It also provides the perception of various room acoustics. ConcertPlay features multiple Presets, providing varying depth perceptions. The Presets can be changed to suit personal listening experience or to suit the music content. Virtual Surround: * Pure Surround: This simulates a virtual listening environment where the loud speakers are positioned around the listener and improves the depth and elevation of perceived music. * Hall Surround: This preset, in addition to the effect in Pure Surround, adds the sound reflection acoustics of a hall or a large room. * Concert Surround: This preset further improves the sound reflection acoustics and provides the perception of a large concert environment. Equalizer presets: The equalizer presets provide flexibility to modify the frequency envelope to enhance the listening experience. The following presets are provided * Acoustic * Classical * Jazz * Pop * Reggae * Rock * Speech Features: * Experience virtual surround with presets for different depth perceptions and room acoustics * Control frequency envelope with equalizer presets * Multitasking is supported to allow background playback while using other apps * Access to iPod music library to generate playlist * Shuffle mode to play songs randomly from the playlist * Repeat modes to either repeat the whole playlist or repeat a single song * Scrubbing feature to move to any point in the current song * Displays album art along with the details of the song, artist and album Note * ConcertPlay does not support playback of DRM-protected music content in the iPod library.

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