coMpanion - Pet Finder and Adoption Assistant


coMpanion - Pet Finder and Adoption Assistant

5-9 million animals are euthanized due to over population every year. coMpanion's mission is simple: to save as many sheltered animals' lives as possible across the United States. coMpanion features a Pet Wizard that can help those who are unsure of what they are looking for in a pet locate an animal perfect for them. It also helps those who are unsure about sheltered animals learn just how amazing these beautiful pets are. Search: * Use coMpanion's unique Pet Wizard to more easily locate your perfect companion. Results: * View results of the pets found in a list or map form. Contact the Shelter: * Found a pet that looks like your perfect companion? Great! You can easily contact the shelter right from within the app by calling or emailing them. Save your favorites: * Found a few pets that look like possibilities for your next companion? Use the heart to save a pet as a favorite. This allows you to quickly access that pet again at any time, even while you don't have an internet connection. My coMpanion: * My coMpanion is where you'll find all of the pets you've viewed and favorited, your search history, and access to application specific settings. Speed!: * coMpanion was built to learn from your interactions. The more you use it, the faster it will be able to help you find your perfect companion. See for yourself - download the app now and start searching for your next companion. You'll see just how fast and easy it can be!

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