Colugo is the simplest way to share photos and videos privately with your friends and family. !!! Colugo Now Does Video !!! Colugo is a simple solution to a simple organization and communication problem. Colugo doesn't use gimmicks like other apps do. No "magic" albums or location based sharing or other features that may sound cool, but when you actually use them you discover they are not very useful (at best), and a privacy nightmare (at worst). Create gorgeous, organized albums that you can share with different groups of people. Make albums with your friends, your mother, co-workers or your lover. Everyone who’s invited can add photos and videos to an album, and ONLY they can view them. Features: - Connected: invite your friends and family to your albums via Colugo, Facebook, SMS, and email - Social: "like" and comment on photos and videos, share to Facebook and Twitter - Latest: browse a "feed" of all newly posted photos and videos in all your albums - Real Time: live in-app updating and push notifications on new events in your albums - Private: keep your albums only between you and those you choose - Public: "publish" an album so that anyone can view it - Explore: search and browse all published albums in Colugo - Unlimited: create as many albums and post as many photos and videos as you like Your content is yours, and you are in control of your privacy. Ad free. Colugo is private photo sharing done right. * Never email or text photos to your friends again! Tired of returning from a party and having to beg your friends for pics? With Colugo you won’t even have to ask. Partygoers can take photos and videos directly in one party album you create and you all share. Simple! * Wish you could share some of your photos and videos publicly as well as privately? With Colugo you can! Make one album intended for the world to see, and "publish" it. Keep your other albums private, so only those you invite can see them. * Stay in touch with friends and family Browse recent photos and videos from albums you’re a member of in Colugo's “Latest” feed. With live updating, in-app alerts and push notifications, Colugo keeps you in touch with the people closest to you.

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