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Color of Life

Color of Life offers you a totally new way of photo editing! It allows you to apply multiple photo filters at once. You can simply choose filters from five different filter steps (base, color, art, add on, and final), and layer them on photos to create thousands of new looks. Another fun feature that Color of Life offers is “Random” filters. It will give your photo quick and easy results by providing many sets of auto-made filter combinations.    Color of Life also offers a filter adjustment slider, which gives you more precise and delicate photo editing.   Download Color of Life, give memorable moments of your life a new look, and share them with your precious people through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. ? Base Layer Filter - magical touch, charming color, the contrast, brighten color, lighten color, vivid - smiling color, lighten, warmish ? Color Layer Filter - ash grey, charcoal, tranquil, violet, snowy - russet, sundown, gorgeous haze, misty yellow, the orange - purple haze, lovely violet, royal purple - fresh blue, moonlight, retro blue, ocean blue, the sun on the sea - glowing yellow, chocolate, at dusk, graceful, brown bear - the red wine, washy red, ruby sky - greyscale, lighten bw, clean bw, memories - fresh bw, foggy grey, charming bw, dark mood ? Art Layer Filter - ash blue, calm, yellow retro, bright pink, good afternoon - rainbow, rainbow II, spring day, warm day, drowsy, vintage, delight - vague bw, silver bw, haze bw, Chiness Ink - noir bw, tenebrific, gloomy, dive to bw, fading ? Add On Layer Filter - Normal Vignetting, Gorgeous Vignetting, Pinhole, Artistic Vignetting, Toned Vignetting - Left Flare, Right Flare, Pearl Light Stream, Warm Light Stream, Peachy Light Stream, Neutral Light Stream - Spring Light, Summer Light, Autumn Light, Winter Light - Bright Tone, Sunny Tone, Warm Tone, Dusky Sky, Dim Light, Gleamy Blue, Heat Shimmer, Lazy Sweet - 11 snow textures ? Final Layer Filter - Final Retouch, Enhance, Dive Into Color, Artistic Retouch, Brighten & Sharpen - Morning Glory, Charming Light, Misty Morning, Noir Grain, Colorful Haze ? Enhanced Camera - White Balance Scenes - Horizontal System - Grid Views - Self-Timer - Square Border GMY Magazine GMY Magazine tells you stories of passionate photo fanatics and shows their photos. -Photo Story Photo Story has exciting stories of photographers from all over the world! For many people, SNS like Instagram became catalyst to fire their passion to photography. Finds out how they gave up their careers to dedicate their whole lives to photography. Do you also like to take pictures and post them on your SNS? Then send your stories to GMY studio! GMY studio always waits for the photos and the stories of someone who loves photography. -Photo of the Day Daily, @gmystudio chooses one great photo from Instagram and shows it to you. ** Special Thanks to the following Instagram friends ** @huseyintuncabayin (Instagram ID) provided the fruit photo for sample photos of Color filters. @nvchris73 provided the Ferris wheel photo for sample photos of AddOn filters. @mehmetbektas_ provided the London photo for sample photos of Final filters.

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