CollabraCam™: Multicam Social Video Production


CollabraCam™: Multicam Social Video Production

We’ve changed how CollabraCam captures video... this is the update you’ve been waiting for, and we know you’ll love it. Now all cameras record the entire session while an Edit Decision List (EDL) is created during the live edit to record in and out points for the Director's Cut. This change also paved the way for Single Source Audio, which utilizes audio from Camera 1 for the entire session. The camera has also been improved to increase performance and enhance the user experience... Video Stabilization (for supported devices), Focus and Exposure Lock, Thirds Grid, Zoom and iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera support. Most importantly, transfer time has been reduced yet again, so you can wrap and review quicker. Whether you want to cover all the bases at the little league game, produce a You Tube talk show, create a hyperlocal newscast, shoot a music video, capture footage for interview-style documentary, or help students learn cinematography... CollabraCam makes all of this possible by putting a live multicam production studio in the palm of your hands. You are the director and your friends are your camera crew. From an iPad you can edit live from up to six iOS cameras streaming over Wi-Fi (four cameras on iPhone or iPod touch). Send action cues and direct your camera ops to get the best shots from every angle. When you call it a wrap, the video and audio is collected and the Director’s Cut is assembled, so you can watch or share your movie, minutes after it's shot. CollabraCam doesn’t use your data plan, so you can use Personal HotSpot to create a local Wi-Fi network to CollabraCam on the go. You can also use a wireless router on location, absolutely no need for an internet connection, plug it in and you're ready to go... or create a computer-to-computer network with a MacBook Pro. Review the Director’s Cut in the app or export to the Photos app and share from there. Once exported, iCloud Photo Library can automatically upload to iCloud, then you can download with the Photos app on your Mac. Export video clips from the Director’s Cut to Photos and assemble in iMovie for iOS, then add your titles and transitions... or save the Edit Decision List (EDL), video and audio to your Mac and import into Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017. After import, the Director’s Cut is loaded to the timeline, ready for post. You can also import just video and audio and re-edit with Premiere Pro’s multi-camera editing interface with the Program Monitor. CollabraCam participates in the iTunes Volume Purchase Program for Education. The Volume Purchase Program for Education lets educators purchase world-class apps, like CollabraCam, at a 50% discount when purchasing quantities of 20 or more. Purchase in volume and tap into immediate benefits for your entire institution. "The interface looks simple but ingenious." Fast Co. Design "This app teaches the skills of supervision and direction." AppoLearning "True collaborative learning in action!" iPadEducators "It’s just plain amazing." - iLounge Director/Editor • Direct a multicam video on-the-fly • Live editing over Wi-Fi or HotSpot • Connect and direct up to six cameras • Queue the next camera on standby • Direct camera ops with action cues • Automatically generated credits • Director's Cut collected from cameras • Export Director's Cut to Photos app • Export clips for iOS post-production • Export EDL for Adobe Premiere Pro Camera Op • 1080p or 720p HD video capture • Single Source Audio from Camera 1 • Participate in a multicam video shoot • All cameras record the entire session • Choose camera on iPhone 7 plus • AE and AF lock, grid, zoom and more • Notification on standby or recording • Receive action cues from the director • Full video saved on each camera

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