Code Guess - mastermind 's code-breaker


Code Guess - mastermind 's code-breaker

Remember Mastermind™ good old time ? The pride of breaking the code with a mix of cleverness and logic ? Code Guess™ is the next generation of code-breaking game, with a very smooth gameplay, nice retina graphics, and full of mind-breaking innovations. The iPhone version has been downloaded more than 410 000 times, and the written reviews worldwide are all excellent with a 4.65 stars average. Why such a popularity ? Because Code Guess is clearly outstanding thanks to its unique feature set: STUNNING RETINA GRAPHICS: - Marvelous Ludovic Avot's retina graphics EXCELLENT GAMEPLAY: - Real peg feeling: each displayed peg can be taken to compose the new guess, and be permuted easily as a real peg. - The 'Trashcan', an exclusive feature allowing to dim all the pegs of a given color to ease the code solving. - The indication of the remaining number of solutions, which trigger reflexion when only one solution is left. ENDLESS GAMES: - The 'Classic' Mode: start your play from an empty board. - The exclusive 'Quiz' Mode, with an infinite number of plays and 3 different levels of difficulty. From the automatically generated guesses, only one solution is remaining: will you be quick enough to discover it ? - The 2-Players 'Code Fight' standard mode: The Code Setter sets the code, then the Code Breaker try to discover it. - The 2-Players 'Code Fight' expert mode: In this exclusive game, the Code Setter does not set the code, but progressively defines it by selecting the answer of each guess among the possible ones: no luck here - only brain power will allow the Code Breaker to find the final remaining code. CLEVER HELP: - The 'Help', an exclusive contextual help which depends of your guess: * If your guess contains less than 4 pegs, it will highlight one or more previous answers and hint you that based on these answers, an highlighted color shall be added or removed, or point you an issue meaning that this partial guess color set is not possible. * If your guess contains 4 pegs, then it will check the matching of this guess with the previous answers. - The 'Teacher', an exclusive gameplay analysis tool showing the optimal guesses and the solution set partitions. And many other nice features: - English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian(80%) - 6 input colors (Code Guess) - Geometric pegs for color-blind (new !) - Nice music from Jean-Charles Acquaviva - Game Center with challenges and world ranking. Moreover, each of the 5 players account can be associated with its dedicated Game Center account. - A 'Zen Mode' to play quietly. Do not wait: this game is the best way to exercise your mind in a Zen or Challenging mode ! The Code Guess team: Xavier Lasne (Coding) Ludovic Avot (Graphic Design). Jean-Charles Acquaviva (Music)

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    Great puzzle game
    Great mind exercise
    The quiz mode is way more fun than regular mastermind”
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