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Civilization Revolution

Build. Discover. Conquer. Rule the World! Lead your civilization from the dawn of man to the modern age and beyond in Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. Go head to head with history’s greatest leaders as you wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies, inspire your nation and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known. For nearly two decades, the Sid Meier’s Civilization® franchise has been the benchmark for strategy gaming. Now the greatest strategy game of all time arrives for the Apple iPhone™ and iPod® touch with Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution™. LEAD YOUR PEOPLE TO GREATNESS: Choose your victory path: military, cultural, economic or scientific. However you choose to lead your people, there’s a way to win. CHOOSE YOUR CIV: Choose from 16 Civilizations throughout history (including America, Spain, China, Japan and Germany) to lead to victory. INTENSE COMBAT: Triple your strength by combining up to three units into one powerful army and destroy your enemies. Level them up through military victories to gain additional strength and new abilities. TOUCH BASED CONTROLS: Completely new interface designed for gesture-based controls. Zoom in with a pinch, move your units with a drag and scroll across the map with a flick. ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Multiple difficulty levels, an integrated tutorial and friendly advisors are all here to help newcomers and seasoned Civ veterans alike. SAME GAME, SMALLER SCREEN: Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution for iPhone and iPod touch has all the same civilizations, gameplay and scenarios from the award winning console game. It’s all of the goodness of Civ right in the palm of your hands. GLOBAL DOMINATION TO GO: Conquer the world whenever you want, wherever you want, on your time. Save whenever you like, or just use the autosave feature if you get a call. Visit for more great games. ??? ????? ?????? 12 ???

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  • Highligths
    Gameplay is addictive fun and gives high replay value
    You can't beat this price for such an amazing game
    Gameplay resembles that of just about any decent turn based strategy game”
    Its still a cool time waster
    Happy it's on iPhone and iPad its an entertaining game
    ^_^ I'd reccomend this game to anyone who enjoys strategy games
    Jus wishes tht it had online play like civ 4”
    Otherwise a great classic game that provides endless play”
    This particular one seems more similar to the very first game
    I never played the full PC versions of Civilization”
  • Keep in mind
    I wish I would have read other reviews before I updated”
    It'll quit to home screen crash”
    Their tech support is less than useless”
    Great game but annoying scrolling of production status wastes time
    Why do they want me to pay for stupid add ons
    Remove the stupid Game Center screen now”
    Eventually the multi player game will crash”
    Would love to have the farther zoom feature reimplemented”
    But the recent update really messed up the difficulty levels

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