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We originally began building the Citrus Location app for our own use. We wanted an app that would require no typing but would still allow us to inform our spouses when we'd be home, or to let them know that we were yet to leave soccer practice. We wanted an app which was so quick and simple to use that it would hardly require looking at your device. We then shared the app with friends and family who, within weeks, had adopted it as part of their daily routines in checking in with kids after school or knowing how far from home a spouse was. Ultimately we released Citrus to the App Store and we think you'll find it to be very simple and very powerful. Citrus is the easiest way to share your location. Just press and hold one button and within seconds your friends or family can see your location on a map. Citrus does not run in the background as a 'tracking app' and will not continuously send location data to our servers. Instead it offers at-will location sharing with a clean and minimalistic design. The most common text message sent is "Where are you?" Citrus solves for this question with a response that is both faster and far more informative than SMS. Try it with your spouse for a week, then your kids, and then your friends. We think you'll be surprised how valuable the app becomes. Highlights: ⁃ Blazing-fast, at-will location sharing - 10x faster than sending a text message ⁃ You are in full control - share locations only with friends who you add to your network ⁃ You are NOT continuously tracked - your location is determined only seconds before you are ready to share it and others only receive your location when you proactively share it ⁃ You see your location on map relative to that of your husband, wife, kids or friends ⁃ Secure communication - data is never sent in plain text ⁃ The cleanest UI you've ever seen in an app ⁃ Our design focused on the overall user experience, including minimizing the amount of time it took to get value from the app ⁃ The app does not drain your battery. It uses GPS only for the few seconds it takes to send your location Location Sharing at its best. Fast, Easy and effective map-based locations.

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