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Cibo Digital Menu

With Cibo Digital menu, we brings your food menus to life with your tailor made design, with paper feel flipping of the pages and high-resolution images of every offered food and drink items. Provide same look and feel food menu on all platforms, have a same menu on: * Your website * Facebook Page * iPAD * and in Print Most items on printed menus are never ordered due to a lack of exposure and lack of interactivity. With our Cibo Digital Menu, using our interactive features such as recommended drinks, food selection, drinks rankings, we turn your customers from passive observer into a active participant exposing them to new food they would have otherwise never ordered. Features include: * Custom Design Your Menu * All content including pictures are updatable via cloud based back office. * Multi Lingual * Food selection * Special Offers * Social Media integration * Selection printing on the POS printer * AND MORE! Save cost, Cibo Digital menu do not need to be reprinted if you make any small changes to your menu , change your menu as often you want from your back office and just with a click of a button update you menu when ever you want. Using our standard menu templates or your tailor made designs, you can create your Chic and interactive digital menu in no time! Cibo Digital menu is integrated part of food and beverage platform, which include iPAD POS system, Website, Inventory system, Table reservation system, online ordering system and more. For more information Cibo Digital menu is supporting Star Printers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: You must be running an iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini with iOS 5.0 or later.

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