Chess - Correspondence


Chess - Correspondence

Turn based correspondence chess. Play chess with people all over the world or play with friends. You will have everything you need to enjoy the beauty of chess. STANDARD VERSION AND MEMBERSHIP: # Game position preview - The list of games is shown with current game position. # In-game messages. # Analyse board - Analyse your game before or after your move. # Export game - Export game as FEN, PGN or export game as PNG to camera roll at any position. # FEN position export - Export FEN and PGN from any position in the game with move number. Useful if you have analyse tools you want to use from a given position in your game. # Friends list - Connect with other players as friends. # Favorite list - Add players to favorite list for quick access. # View last overall 10 games that ended checkmate. # Follow Fight The Knight game. # Top 30 ranking list. # Top 30 tournament list. # Create double games - 2 games created where you play white and black against your opponent. Double games are connected for easy access the other game. # Create games with 1-3-5 or 7 days per move. # Automatic victory if player does not move before deadline. # Write messages to other players. # Bookmark game - Bookmarking a game will add a little star to the game. Then you can easily find that game in your game list. # Add private note - Add a private note to every game. Notes are marked with a little pencil on your game list. STANDARD VERSION: #Play a few games at a time. MEMBERSHIP: # Play hundreds of games at a time. # Play Fight The Knight - One is the knight and other players can challenge the knight. # PLAY TOURNAMENTS - 5 player ranked tournaments. # CREATE OWN TOURNAMENTS - Create 5 player tournament and invite other players. Ranked or unranked. # Invite NON membership players to un-ranked tournaments. # 2 ratings - One rating for all rated games and one rating for tournament games. # Create ranked or un-ranked games. # View other players games. # Statistics - Player profile shows last 50 ratings in normal rating and tournament rating.

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