ChemTrix Chemistry Calculator


ChemTrix Chemistry Calculator

ChemTrix is a powerful calculator for common chemical problems. ChemTrix is the chemistry app you've been hearing about. It's the calculator preferred by discerning chemists, profs, and students who use it every day to get their work done quickly and accurately. "Easy to use, intuitive, and exactly what I expected from the description; by far one of the most useful chemistry apps I've found." "It is easy to use and super helpful, saving hours when doing those sheets of long, tiresome equations in AP chem." "This saves me some serious time at work, I can't recommend it enough!" Other chemistry calculators make it hard to do simple things. Not ChemTrix. ChemTrix was built by chemists, for chemists. It has powerful, convenient, time-saving features that make common chemical calculations a snap. Enter a chemical formula, and ChemTrix calculates: - Molar mass (molecular weight) - Exact (monoisotopic) mass - Most probable mass - Isotopic mass distribution - Percentage composition by mass - Mass-moles-molar mass relationships (including unit conversions) - Moles-volume-concentration (molarity) relationships (including unit conversions) ChemTrix features: - Quick, simple, and accurate formula entry using a purpose-built keypad, including programmable buttons for even more flexibility and speed - Natural chemical syntax, including nearly 100 pre-programmed chemical groups, such as common organic fragments and protecting groups, polyatomic ions, and ligands - A history of all entered formulae, any of which can be incorporated as fragments into new formulae? - User-defined abbreviations for any formulae - Detailed listings of the properties of all the elements in the periodic table, including electronic configurations, isotopes, electronegativities and more.

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