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BUZZMATH IS *NOT* A GAME. IT IS A RICH APP FOR PERSONALIZED MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH PRACTICE. IT'S ENGAGING THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND FAMILIES BY EMPOWERING THEM AND CHALLENGING THEM. Requires an Internet connection. Buzzmath is free with an option to upgrade to premium features. 1:1 MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH (Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8) “Middle school students haven't been as lucky until now. Buzzmath Middle School is outstanding. It makes as good a case for 1:1 iPad deployment in a classroom as any app I've seen.” - Jill Goodman Full story: EVIDENCE OF SCORE IMPROVEMENT “My results have been greatly enhanced by using Buzzmath. Students that have challenged themselves on Buzzmath were used to higher-level thinking problems which helped their test scores.” - S. Johnson, 6th Grade Math Teacher, DSST Network Math Content Leader Full story: INTRINSIC MOTIVATION, DIFFERENTIATION “This program really tapped into the students’ intrinsic motivation. Students demonstrated such perseverance as they attempted each mission. Buzzmath is so good for differentiating. I love the ability to assign the same concept with varying abilities to different students.” - K. Beck, Middle School Math Teacher Full story: A STUDENT FAVORITE “After eight years and approximately twenty different online software programs, Buzzmath emerged as the course most students prefer to use.” - D. Ashendorf, Credit Recovery Math Teacher, CA Full story: IDEAL FOR REMEDIATION “We love using Buzzmath as part of our remediation program!” - LeAnne, Middle School Teacher DESIGNED FOR AUTHENTIC LEARNING “I really like the fact that if a student answers a question incorrectly, they can see how to do it correctly and then they can try it again, with different numbers. I am very pleased with the program and would highly recommend it.” - Lisa F., MS Math Teacher, NH THE BEST APPROACH TO MATH PRACTICE √ Empowering & engaging learning experience √ 3,000+ Problems Aligned with the Common Core State Standards √ Variety of Answer Inputs √ Automated Corrections, Infinite Retry GREAT CONTENT, PEDAGOGY & EXPERIENCE To date, we have created over 300 Common Core aligned practice activities that can be used to guide your class to mathematical success. Our team of developers and educators take great pride and care in the development and design of all of our content. On demand, examples and instant feedback assist students as they work towards mastery. Detailed reporting tools and single-click activity assignment are also available. FOR TEACHERS: DEPLOY IN MINUTES WITH CLASSROOM CODES Install the app, create your account & school, distribute your first classroom code, and lead your class to mathematical proficiency through supported practice. √ Single-Click Activity Assignment (supports differentiated instruction) √ Manage your teachers, classroom and students on the companion website √ Easy 1:1 ipad deployment for districts and schools √ Perfect for student differentiation TIMESAVING PREMIUM FEATURES ($) √ Detailed Solutions & On Demand Examples √ Challenging Missions (an opportunity for small group problem solving for lower ability students and challenging for higher ability students) √ Audio Reading of Text (aids English-Language Learners/ELL and Low-Performing Learners) √ Detailed reporting tools & admin account with access to all reports QUESTIONS & SUPPORT Please ask your questions or quickly report bugs to our support team: or 1-888-528-8878, option 3 or +1 302-223-3411, ext. 809 TOPICS √ Number Sense and Operations √ Fractions √ Decimals √ Rational Numbers √ Divisibility, Factors, and Multiples √ Roots, Exponents, and Scientific Notation √ Number Properties √ Percents, Ratios, and Proportions √ Patterns and Sequences √ Algebraic Expressions √ Equations, Functions, and Inequalities √ Geometry √ Measurement √ Data, Graphs, and Probability

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