BrewGene is the essential mobile app for beer enthusiasts. It's simply the best way to find and track great beer, and gives you instant access to detailed information on over 40,000 beers. It's got a beer recommendation engine, check-ins, bar & brewer data, sharing options, and more. Here's all the great stuff you get with BrewGene: BEER TRACKING The core of BrewGene is an easy-to-use and comprehensive beer tracking feature. Rate and tag what beers you're drinking, where you're having them, and how much you like them. You can also write detailed tasting notes, and create a 'watch list' of rare or favorite beers. Now, you'll never forget what that great beer was you tried last week, and you'll never accidentally order a bad beer twice. RECOMMENDATION ENGINE BrewGene will analyze your beer preferences and actually be able to predict whether or not you'll like a beer you've never tried before. You get a whole personalized list of new beers to try, and you'll never be disappointed by a random beer order again. BAR LOCATIONS + ENHANCED MENUS BrewGene has maps and beer menus galore. Use our 'beer finder' to locate places to purchase any hard-to-find favorite beer. Each location has a beer menu that is updated based on user activity. Even better, menus are integrated with your rating/recommendation data so you know exactly which beers to order when you walk into a bar. SHARE YOUR ACTIVITY If you're the type of person who likes to post pictures or talk about your favorite beers, we've hooked up BrewGene to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. We've also built a Beer Buddy system that allows you and your friends to easily see each other's tasting notes, beer activity, and offer personalized beer recommendations. For instance, if you need to get your buddy some beer for their birthday, you can look up and see what their favorite beer is. OTHER COOL STUFF: - Stay on top of local beer events and festivals with our built-in notification system - Browse beers by Brewer - Use it offline! Great for users with WiFi-only devices.

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    It gives you everything you could ask from a beer rating app
    Great way to keep track of beers that I like and find new ones”
    Handsdown this is the best app for beer lovers
    I like that I can keep a list of what I like”
    But dynamic updating of menus by users w/ social media integration”
    I keep notes and ratings on all the beers ive tasted”
    And what to expect based other people's ratings”
    Good way to keep track of everything I try”
    I probably wouldn't need to write notes down anyway”
    Great app for consumers AND bar owners”
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