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Breaking News stories appear in real-time as it happens. Breaking News App, the fastest source of reliable reporting in the world. Trusted by the largest community of people around the world, wherever you go. No registration required. Customize news source from "Settings". Hear what interests you. Get notified by push notification as it happens. App delivers breaking news from major news source around the world like CNN, Fox News, Reuters, NYT, CNBC, Fox Business, CNN Money, BBC, WSJ, MSNBC, USA Today, AP in real time on your devices.

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    One of the best news sources and I am news junkie
    Great for anyone who want to stay informed on latest events”
    Great way to stay up to date while traveling which I do a lot of”
    It's one of the best ways to keep up with the news
    Breaking news app the fastest source of reliable reporting in the world”
    It's a great tool just pops up with the latest news flash”
    Quick and current up to date news summary
    Great and fast time saver
    And simple way to get news updates as they happen”
    Really start my day right knowing what's going on in the world”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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