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Bookmobile Audiobook and Podcast Player

Simply Better. Easier-to-use, clean design, full control, and audio from more sources. Bookmobile provides a better experience for listening to audiobooks than any other app. Try it for free! Try it with 3 audiobooks or podcasts for 60 days. An interface optimized for listening to spoken word content: - No sliders, coverflow or other position-losing button placement. - Swipe between four modes: Driving, skip buttons, sleep timer and parts list. + Driving mode: tap large cover image to play/pause and swipe-to-skip. + Skip buttons provide precise, second/minute, position control. + Parts list shows available chapters or episodes. - Shortcuts Drawer makes switching between audiobooks or podcasts super easy. Continues playing in the background after leaving the app. Automatically transitions between parts/episodes of books and podcasts. Get, play and manage audio content from a wide variety of sources: iTunes,,, CDs, public library downloads, RSS feeds, Dropbox, and more. Auto-Bookmarks make it easy to find your place: - Bookmarks are automatically created at every event (startup, switching books, phone calls, etc.). - A "current position" bookmark keeps the latest playhead position. Custom Bookmarks: - Just press Pause to create a new bookmark, then customize it to keep it. - Customize name, position, notes and color. - Export custom bookmark list to text, HTML or CSV. - Bookmarks are saved even if audio files have been deleted. - Display position relative to chapter/part start or whole audiobook. Complete control over audio files: - Reorder parts/episodes. - Change title of audiobooks, podcasts, parts, episodes. - Cover artwork can be added or replaced -- just a simple copy-and-paste of any image from web or photo library. - Download/delete/re-download audio files whenever you want. Audio File Types Supported: - DRM-enabled content (from or iTunes Store) - non-DRM content (from web downloads, CDs, etc.) - M4B audiobooks, including chapters, artwork - MP3 audio files, including artwork, ID3 tags - import individual audio files, folders of audio files, or Zip archives (including artwork image files) Audio Import Options: - add from on-device iTunes Library - use iTunes File Sharing (no syncing required) - Open in... Bookmobile from other apps, including Dropbox, Mail or Safari - download from any accessible URL, on web or local computer - import using RSS podcast and audiobook descriptions (like from iTunes Store built in: - audiobook search - browse top audiobooks - downloaded purchases automatically added to Bookmobile. Sleep Timer - Easy access from main screen - Shake to add time - Stop at Chapter End, or any time you like. Podcasts - import from RSS feed or iTunes Library - import in mass from OPML file - check for new episodes in all podcasts or individually - change cover image - bookmarks fully supported - download all episodes at once or individually. Playback Speed - built-in support for any non-DRM audio - non-linear increments: slightly faster increase/decrease (10%) to double speed - use Music player to adjust speed of DRM audio, and Bookmobile will remember rate. Bluetooth/Remote controls - Pause/Play - 30 sec jump (for non-DRM audio). AirPlay support - redirect audio output. Mix audiobooks and podcast episodes in playlist. and more!!!

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    There are options for setting a sleep timer
    Bookmobile provides a better experience for listening to audiobooks than any other app”
    I listen to books in the car
    The best audiobook player available for the iPhone”
    Best audio book app I have ever used”
    Love the big buttons
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    Poor Podcast Player and no sync between devices”

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