Bleep Test: Treadmill


Bleep Test: Treadmill

NOW WITH ADDED TEAM TESTING FEATURE! Based on the same engine which runs the popular Bleep Test and Bleep Test Pro, this application allows you to simulate a fitness test in the gym on a treadmill. (NOTE: We recommend an incline of at least 2.5% to simulate a field test and account for lack of turns) We've had many requests for this variant of the Bleep Test application from people who: - Don't have time or space to do a full test. - Don't find the rapid turns of a real test appropriate for their training regime or biomechanics. - Desire a novel approach to treadmill based speed work. - Want to prepare for formal test with sessions at the gym. - Contains 20m test equivalent timings. The main difference between this and the standard test is that rather than reaching the end of a shuttle and waiting for the next beep, you are running at the correct speed for each level and shuttle. This means that your running will steadily increase in pace as each level progresses. The test ends when you feel you can no longer comfortably hold the pace on the machine. (always use the safety device when running at speed on a treadmill. If you feel you are close to your limit do not increase the speed, if in doubt STOP!)

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