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This is the single user version of to 20m Bleep Test created for people who want all of the great features of Bleep Test Pro but only for a single user profile. ------------------------------------ What people are saying about Bleep Test Pro: "This app was fantastic... Good stuff!" 5 stars (Ramma1999, Australia) "...does exactly what it needs to and a little bit more! A1 app!" 5 stars (King Caloom, UK) "Perfect." 5 stars (Racketshop, UK) ------------------------------------ The first and still most popular iPhone/iPod Bleep Test application has been updated and enhanced following feedback from fitness professionals. This means that it remains the most fully featured and complete app in its class. The Bleep Test, Beep Test, Shuttle Run, Pacer Test or Multistage Fitness Test is designed to push your stamina and endurance to the limit in order to determine your true level of fitness. Now the test which highly regarded as one of the key entry requirements for most police and military service entry across the globe is available on your iPhone and iPod Touch. The Bleep test is also an ideal component for anyone serious about their fitness regime. Key features: • A streamlined version of Bleep Test geared towards optimising the single user experience. • Fully configurable audio cues indicating the start of each shuttle and level. • Calculates your VO2max and METs based on your performance. • Creates a colour coded rating for your performance and tell you whether your performance was Very Poor, Poor, Below Average, Average, Above Average, Good or Excellent. * Enhanced visualisation of individual test history. * Individual target scores. * Revised and updated UI. Bleep Test is as clean and easy to use as ever. FEATURE REQUESTS: We get many feature requests from users and are always keen to hear feedback. If you want to request a feature visit our support site rather than leaving a review on the App Store. Thanks!

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