BioStatus Health Tracker


BioStatus Health Tracker

The most advanced health console available for your mobile device, BioStatus Health Tracker is packed with metrics to give you the full picture of your health. Health Tracker makes it easy to track your fitness goals, make informed health decisions and create an exercise routine that’s right for you. Now with real-time circadian rhythm alerts and activity tracking. Health Tracker's wellness dashboard offers personalized evaluations on the following health metrics: • Height & weight • Lean body Mass • Visceral Body Fat • Basal Metabolic Rate • Body Mass Index • Hip to Waist Ratio • Percentage Body Fat • Optimal Weight • Upper body strength • Core body strength • Lower body strength • Flexibility • Aerobic endurance • Bone Structure Size • Heart Rate Training Zones (Low, Medium and High Intensity) • One Rep Max ( Bench Press, Leg Press, Bicep Curl, Abdominal Crunch, Leg Curl, Lat Pull-down) And more…. NEW: The activity tracker reports your average daily steps from the past three days, requiring only your smartphone's accelerometer. Circadian Rhythm Alerts allow you to coordinate daily activities with your personal biological clock. The circadian clock estimates your circadian rhythm from information provided in your profile and displays corresponding changes in hormones, alertness, coordination and more. Fitness: BioStatus eTrainer turns your smartphone into a personal fitness coach, crafting an exercise routine that meets your goals and fitness level. Whether its professional body building or just losing a few extra pounds, eTrainer helps you develop a personalized exercise program optimized for your height, weight, age, sex and activity level. Training Goals include: • Weight Loss • Muscular Strength • Cardiorespiratory Fitness • Flexibility • Body Building • Yoga • Somatics Nutrition: The Nutrition expansion pack turns your smartphone into a personal dietitian, selecting foods for you based on activity level, fitness, and weight modification goal. Whether it’s a heart healthy diet or losing a few extra pounds, BioStatus uses scientifically tested methods to assess your nutrient needs and develop a diet that’s right for you. Nutritional programs include: • Weight Loss • Cancer Prevention • Antioxidants • Superfoods • Nutrient Needs (Vitamins, Minerals etc.) • Glycemic Index Maintain Your Health Records with an integrated database for: • Medications • Allergies • Illness history • Blood pressure • Injuries and Accidents • Vaccinations • Lab Tests - Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Basic Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count • Dental History - Fillings, Caps, Crowns, Root Canal etc. • And many more types of health and wellness data Get the jump on Personalized Medicine with the BioStatus proprietary risk prediction system, a feature that calculates your susceptibility to illnesses and health hazards such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness and alcoholism even before symptoms are present. Assess risk for: • Heart Disease • Cancer • HIV • Chlamydia • Mental Illness • Suicide And more….

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