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Beep Test

Beep Test is an application designed to test your fitness. It is also known as the Bleep Test, Yo-Yo Test, Multi-Stage Fitness Test, Pacer Test, or Shuttle Run Test. Beep Test gives you a Beep Test timer for your iPhone™ and iPod® touch. The application may be used to time and track your tests. It will also provide values for your VO2 max, MET, and also a general assessment based upon the user's age and gender. The beep test is a fantastic way to measure your fitness and is used by trainers, coaches, police departments, defence forces, and many others. The beep test involves the runner running between two markers 20 meters apart. The runner must complete each 20 meter run before the beep sounds. The starting speed is 8.5 km/h and will increase by 0.5 km/h each level. A single beep test consists of 21 levels. Each level is a series of shuttles, that is 20 meter runs. At the completion of each level, approximately every minute, the required speed will increase and the runner must run faster. If the runner can not reach the end of the shuttle before the beep for 3 consecutive shuttles the test is ended. Beep Test has the following features: • 21 level beep test • Individual or group test • Beep tone indicating start and end of shuttles • Voice notification of each new level • Full instructions included • Full set of constantly updated statistics including: a.Level b.Shuttle c.Total distance travelled d.Target speed e.Test time, shuttle time, and level time • Multiple user profiles • Records test results for any user • Edit existing test results • VO2 max and MET calculations • General assessment provided for each test Warning! A beep test is an intense physical test. Always consult your physician before attempting the beep test. Do not perform the test if you are injured or are feeling unwell. Stop the test immediately and seek medical advice if you experience nausea, breathing difficulties, chest pain, extreme sweating, or dizziness

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