BEAT-D (Built Environment Assessment Tool: Dementia)


BEAT-D (Built Environment Assessment Tool: Dementia)

Assess the quality of residential care environments for people with dementia. This app will guide you through the use of the Environmental Audit Tool*, invite you to photograph key parts of the environment and send your data for processing. A report comparing your facility with 56 other facilities and identifying areas for improvement will be emailed to you along with an invitation to discuss the results with an expert in the design of facilities for people with dementia. This service is provided by the NSW/ACT Dementia Training Study Centre which is supported by the Australian Government. There is no charge. Over the last 30 years a considerable amount of research has gone into exploring the characteristics of buildings that help people with dementia by reducing confusion, agitation and depression while improving way finding, social interaction and engagement with life. The Environmental Audit Tool captures information on these characteristics by evaluating •Safety •Size •Visual Access •Reduction of unhelpful stimulation •Enhancement of helpful stimulation •Provision of outside areas and wandering paths •Familiarity •Opportunities for privacy and community •Links to the outside community •Opportunities for engagement with ordinary life The report provided to you will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your facility in these areas. The telephone conversation with the expert will put you in contact with the research that will help you to make decisions on modifications that can help you to provide a better environment for your residents and staff. The Environment Audit Tool © NSW Health is used in the Built Environment Assessment Tool: Dementia under license.

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