BATEX Cricket Training


BATEX Cricket Training

The BATEX™ cricket batting app trains your fitness and concentration to score big hundreds! It was designed by Dr Loz, Strength & Conditioning Coach at ACE Cricket Academy, Uni of Western Australia. BATEX is fun & time efficient - you work on your fitness while doing what you love: batting in the nets! Audio commentary takes you through a simulated one-day hundred! As your fitness improves, make the in app purchases to unlock higher levels! Maybe one day you will be touch enough to complete the highest level and score a BATEX International 100?! *** Flick through the '?' section to learn how to set up BATEX in your net and watch demo videos. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems don't hesitate to contact Dr Loz at In BATEX you bat with a partner and audio commentary tells you your field settings, score, what to run and sets the pace for your running between the wicket speed. It’s a bit like a beep test for cricket… You may think you look pretty good batting in the nets for 10 minutes, but add some fitness pressure and your technique can come to pieces. BATEX exists to address this problem. There are four BATEX levels each including: 6 stages that last 20 to 25 minutes: Level 1 Junior, suitable for under 15s (The first 3 stages of this level are included. The last 3 stages can be unlocked through in-app purchase). Level 2 Club (You can unlock this level through in-app purchase). Level 3 Pro (You can unlock this level through in-app purchase). Level 4 International (You can unlock this level through in-app purchase) Each level of BATEX is made of six stages. If you fail to make your ground before the sound of the beep on three occasions during a stage you will have failed the test! Each of the six stages has a different flavor. For example, Stage 1 is called 'Opening up the Innings' and replicates the demands of test match cricket , whereas Stage 4 is called 'Powerplay' and reflects the swash-buckling demands of Twenty20 cricket. If you complete all 6-stages you will experience the fitness and concentration demands of a high-intensity one-day hundred! Sport science research has demonstrated that BATEX replicates the fitness demands of a high intensity, one-day hundred. Moreover, over the past five years BATEX has been used as the 'finishing school' for batsmen at ACE Cricket Academy, at The University of Western Australia. The BATEX sessions are tough but it's a tried and tested method that trains you how to score big hundreds! Can you complete it? For BATEX training tips, BATEX app demo videos, BATEX testimonials, cricket sport science and to find out about the research behind the BATEX app please visit click on the blue link below: "BATEX Cricket Training Support" I hope you get a lot out of the BATEX app! Train well! Loz Dr Laurence Houghton Twitter/BatexCricket Facebook/BatexNotJustAnotherNet Testimonials: "BATEX is a fantastic way of testing a players concentration and skill. It breaks an innings down and by the end you have worked your way to 100. It's great for your fitness and very enjoyable for all types of cricketer" Stewart Walters, Glamorgan CCC "BATEX ensures a purposeful net session with a batting specific fitness workout. BATEX soon becomes an enjoyable and essential part of training!" Ian Thacker, Director, ACE Cricket Academy, The University of Western Australia. "BATEX is a very good way to simulate a match can learn to calm your mind and to switch on and off because you get time to think between deliveries. This does not happen in normal net practice." Pratham Singh, New Dehli Cricket Club, India and ACE Cricket Academy. "Many pre-seasons are spent locked up indoors hitting on a ball machine and can become rather stale quite quickly. BATEX changed all this..." Josh Mangan, former Western Australia 1st class cricketer

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