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Baby Monitor HD

'The next generation Baby Monitor' - Watch & Listen to your babies from anywhere in the world! ***** engadget - "We quickly settled on Baby Monitor HD as our preferred app" ***** Simple setup. Watch & Listen to 4 Cameras at the same time! Audio Alerts, Background Audio & IR Night Mode. Video: * Digital Video - static free * Up to 4 Live Video Feeds at once * Retina, Pinch Zoom, Landscape * Infrared Night Vision - no need for night lights * PiP Picture-in-Picture for 2 cam setups * Video Record to Album Audio: * Listen to 4 cameras at the same time! * Digital Audio - avoid static * Squelch / Auto-Mute - hides background noise * Background Audio - use others Apps! * Audio only option - save battery * Audio History Graphs, 5min, 10min and longer * Optional Alarm for audio dropout * Experimental Foscam Push-To-Talk PTT * Experimental Sleep Mute timer Alerts: * Audio Alert - extra alarm when baby cries * 3 different alerts, work even if app is muted * Adjustable Audio Alert level * Local Notifications for background Audio Alerts Away Mode: * Use your monitor from the other side of the planet! * Home/Away 'Auto' setting - walk out the house, and the app keeps running! * Easy config for 2nd IP Address/port for 3G/remote access * Switch all cameras between Home & Away General: * CamScan™ - for quick & simple camera setup * Experimental support for AppleTV * Experimental temperature reading * Experimental Foscam Movement notification * Share camera with relatives via email * Optional clock display * 'Long Press' video for Advanced Camera Controls * 'Smart Dimmer' - darker nighttime screen * Customizable Themes * The first company to produce such an App! * App recently celebrated 3 years on the AppStore * Well tested & mature product * URL app shortcut: BabyMonitorHD:// * Includes shortcut to access camera in Safari * No extra fees for remote viewing * Active Support Group Experimental: * NEW: BabyPing - needs password * NEW: YCam 1080HD video only * NEW: Foscam FI9821W video only * NEW: Foscam FI9801W video only * NEW: Foscam FI9802W video only * NEW: Axis 207 * NEW: Axis 207W Compatible with: * Foscam FI8904W * Foscam FI8905W * Foscam FI8909W * Foscam FI8910W * Foscam FI8918W * Y-Cam Black S (YCB004) * Y-Cam Black SD (YCB003) * Y-Cam Knight S (YCK004) * Y-Cam Knight SD (YCK003) * Y-Cam Bullet Black (YCBLB3) * Y-Cam Bullet White (YCBL03) * YCam Cube * WiFi Baby 3G * Sharx SCNC2606 * Sharx SCNC2607 * Sharx SCNC2700 * MyCam2Go App - use 2nd iOS device as camera! (no IR) Compatible but no IR: * Y-Cam White S (YCW004) * Y-Cam White SD (YCW003) smallprint engadget quote - Thomas Ricker, Senior Editor, Engadget, article 24th June 2011 Some features require admin account access. Requires a 2nd generation Y-Cam running firmware 2.35 or higher. 'New' features should be considered experimental for a couple of versions. Alerts may pause the app. Not all features will be available for all cameras. Changes to camera firmware may disable some features. Quality when away from home may degrade, and audio buffer delay may increase. We can't read all reviews in all countries, therefore if you need to raise an issue, please contact our support group directly. If you have a positive experience with this App, then please take a moment to add a rating/review, after all, you probably bought this App based on such a review. Our business survival depends on accumulating as many good reviews as possible. To help improve the app, anonymous page view analytics may be collected in accordance with Apple guidelines. Refer to company website for attribution listings & licensed materials. This product is developed independently from Y-Cam, Sharx & Foscam. NOTE: Not to be used as a life saving device. Please continue to use a traditional baby monitor alongside this app. E&OE.

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    Great Monitoring App”
    Customer service was great when I called wifi baby”
    I especially enjoy the mute feature with sound bar”
    This app is so great for our family
    Overall very happy especially with the technical support
    I love this app and especially the zoom feature
    This is the best baby monitor app out there”
    I am able to sleep at night thanks to wifi baby”
    Would definitely recommend to new parents too”
    This is the best image quality
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