Baby Log Book


Baby Log Book

'The most comprehensive BABY APP!' Like yourself thousands of mamas rely on BABY LOG BOOK to navigate more relaxed through the new every-day-life with their babies. New to the world of babys and need some navigation trough the great waters of baby world. Baby Log Book combines what was often cluttered all over the house; Notes, sleep protocols, vaccine plans – you name it, just about every thing wicht gets forgotten too easily. Baby Log Book is the perfect assistent at you next pediatric appointment – he will not forget the tough night 6 days ago and all other important stuff. Started of from the classic sleep protocols; baby Log Book gives you a comprehensive overview of baby's last activities. This way you will soon understand baby's rhythmic pattern and it's sleeping & eating habits. On top of that Baby Log Book gives you WHO Standard Curves to see your baby grow and develop, features not to be missed at the next doctors visit. In addition there is a vaccine plan and an overview of Baby's illnesses. Nevertheless is Baby Log Book a wonderful and faithful diary, day in, day out. Unique design: Baby Log Book is run from a single uncluttered page, watch up to 4 children grow. Choose for each baby a background or import your own photos furthermore you can have a single color for every child too. All Logs are fully editable, export it to email, print or save them. Log all activities like: - Sleeping - Crying - Breastfeeding - Bottle feeding - Meals - Spew out - Bath - Nappy - Weight - Height - Head Circumference - Milestones - Vaccine plan - Illness Language: English & German Units: Imperial & Metric iOS4: iPad & iPhone4 For Support please use, we are happy to help:

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