Azetti Push to Talk - Walkie Talkie


Azetti Push to Talk - Walkie Talkie

Azetti Push to Talk (PTT) is a professional iOS PTT client compatible with OMA standards that turns your iPhone into walkie talkie. Azetti PTT works over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi and keeps you connected from anywhere you have network coverage. It is currently supported on iPhone devices, and requires subscription to Azetti PTT account. Just press the button and everyone can hear you talking. All functionality works in REAL TIME to ensure superior performance of the half-duplex PTT group communication service. Suitable not only for corporate users i.e. managers, delivery companies, taxi drivers, construction workers, truck drivers but also for private consumer users when taking part in sport activities, pursuing a hobby, sharing spontaneous information and much more. Azetti Push to Talk client features: - REAL TIME group communication with several users - Network independent - works over 3G, 4G, public WiFi or with private data network connection - Fast call set-up - Contact list and Groups are stored on remote server - no need to copy contacts when you change the handset - Very low data usage 55KB for 1min talk/listen - Intuitive interface - Onscreen PTT button - Nicknames Requirements: In order to become the Azetti Push to Talk user, subscription to Azetti PTT account is required. Note: This app may use your current location (when enabled). Location is used to provide geographical context to Push-to-talk conversations. Together with Dispatcher app, user may set up calls depending on user location. When enabled, location will consume more battery.

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