Atomium Pro: Periodic Table


Atomium Pro: Periodic Table

Atomium is a Periodic table for the iPhone or iPod, addressed especially towards the scientific community. Nevertheless Atomium is also best suited for the needs of teachers and students from high-school through university. So if you are working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and Stephen Hawking is among your best friends, then this is the reference you always dreamed of. The main purpose of Atomium is to offer a collection of the properties for the different chemical elements. A huge list of more than 60 different properties from the following areas is included: General, Safety instructions, Electronic configuration, Physical properties, Optical properties, Electronegativity, Crystal structure, Atom size, Elastic properties, Hardness and Abundance. A complete list of all the properties is found on the homepage of Atomium. The link is indicated at the end of this description. As a scientists companion, additionally to the reference of the properties of the elements, Atomium offers a list of 170+ frequently used constants from the following areas: Universal, Physico-Chemical, Electromagnetic and Atomic & Nuclear. For convenience, most of the constants are expressed in several units. In order to quickly access the most often looked-up properties or constants, each list has a customizable ‚Frequently used’ section. Items are added to /removed from this section simply by double-tapping on the corresponding row. Thanks to a manner in drawing the periodic table in a rotated/mirrored way, Atomium can be used as well in vertical than in horizontal orientation. It is possible to choose from 9 different color-schemes each one representing a different property of the elements in the Periodic table. Since Atomium maintains all the information in a local database, no network connection is required to work properly. For an extended description including numerous screen-shots follow the link indicated below.

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