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ASTRO Gaming lives at the epicenter of technology, lifestyle and design as the premier brand representing the gaming lifestyle. For years we've been involved in the design of many forms of consumer electronics, with a focus on solving problems for professional and hardcore gamers. Established in 2007, ASTRO Gaming makes products for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC and mobile devices. The ASTRO Gaming app is customized to deliver the best possible listening experience from ASTRO headsets on mobile devices. The app allows you to select and playback your device music through a custom music player and equalizer. The equalizer allows you to set custom settings, or select from built in preset. Additionally a custom headphone biases can be enabled for select headphone models. The app also features Astro’s youtube channel as well as select live-streaming channels. If an ASTRO Streamteam member is live on Twitch, you’ll know instantly. A full range of support services can be found in the app, including Manuals, QSG, and setup videos for all headphone models. Astro’s library of wallpapers can be access and saved from the app to allow you to customize your device. The app also allows one access point for all Astro social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Features: - Music player – select and playback of music stored on your device - Equalizer – custom tune your listening expience, or select one of the built-in presets - Headphone Bias – select an equalizer bias for select headphones for optimal listening experience - Watch – access to our Yotube videos as well as our supported channels. - Support – access manuals, QSG, and setup videos for all our headphone models, as well as headphone registration - Promotions – quick access to all promotions - Wallpaper – access Astro’s wallpaper gallery - Social – quick access to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels

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