Create unbelievable NEW EFFECTS and SHARE them with others! "After having played with the app for one full day, I’m nothing short of impressed. The sheer power of customization that aremaC (yes, it is Camera written in reverse) brings to photo editing presets, and that, too, to a mobile device, makes it worthy of being your instant favorite." — Aatif Khan, "Whether you like simple photography apps where you can add cool filters and effects with a tap, or whether you like to create your own with professional-level tools and share your presets with the community, there is something for everyone in aremaC." — Karen Freeman, "aremaC is an extremely comprehensive camera app, which pleases the fans of effects with a huge library of filters and the ability to create your own with a toolkit of exceptional power." — ---------------------------------- ▷The presets ---------------------------------- Create real-time effects by stacking and nesting effects with arbitrary masks together! Real-time means you can see the result BEFORE you take the photo. You can even shoot videos with them! You can create absolutely NEW EFFECTS with aremaC and upload them to the online library to share them with all other users! ---------------------------------- ▷Advanced and endless possibilities ---------------------------------- -professional, fully parameterized real-time effects -take photos AND record videos with all effects! -open online library, which everybody can freely extend! -6x-zoom -full-resolution processing (If you take a photo, it gets automatically rendered in full-resolution in the background and you can instantly continue shooting more photos without having to wait for the rendering to finish! As the high-quality rendering is happening on the CPU, but the real-time view is fully computed on the GPU, there's absolutely no performance drop while a photo is rendered in background!) -full EXIF and GPS-data storage -edit your photos (yes, this app is perhaps even the greatest photo-editor on the app-store!) EXCLUSIVE: Another special feature - A BUTTON, which lowers the camera's exposure for FULLY AUTOMATIC OVER-EXPOSURE PREVENTION! This app is the only one on the app-store which has it! ---------------------------------- ▷As a preset developer ---------------------------------- Upload your creations to the online library and see how popular they become! A huge line-up of basic, elementary and partially NEW filters that pleases even the best versed photography/tech savvy: -1D-Box -2D-Box (Blur) -Alpha-Tool -Average -Black and White -Blending -Brightness/Contrast -Chroma Key (EXCLUSIVE: Do high-quality real-time green-screen effects with this highly tweakable filter!) -Color Splash -Color to Y -Curves -Distortion -Flip/Rotate -Gain -Gamma -Gradient-Map -Hue/Saturation -Invert (Negative) -Mask only (Use any mask-composition, including custom photos, as image source!) -Matrix (EXCLUSIVE: Fully controllable linear transform of RGB-colors) -Noise -Posterize -Random-Map (NEW: Random mapping of colors) -RGB Key -Sharpen/High-pass -Sobel -Solid Color -Time Delay -Transform There are also many fully interactive and parameterized mask-generators: -Frame -Photo (Inject your own pictures into effects as masks or sources!) -Polygon -Preset Image (A lot of preset images are already included) -Solid Color -Text -Vignetting Also all presets, effects, effect-groups and masks supports cut, copy and paste. The main goal, when designing these features, was: Let the user's creativity be the limit - not the app!

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    I HIGHLY recommend that you try out this great photo editing app
    AremaC remains the most sophisticated filter app for iOS devices”
    Professional fully parameterized real time effects”
    Great Camera Effects App”
    And perhaps the ability to import/process existing videos from the camera roll
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