Al-Mawrid Al-Qareeb Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary


Al-Mawrid Al-Qareeb Arabic-English-Arabic dictionary

The most advanced Arabic-English and English-Arabic dictionary by the oldest and largest publishing and distribution house of Arabic books and educational materials in the Arab world. The dictionary contains more than 33,000 words with many related appendices. _____ Dictionary details: • Dictionary database contains over 33,000 entries. • English sound module contains over 20,000 entries by native speakers. _____ TRY SMART TRANSLATION ENGINE • New for iOS 8: You can now look up words while reading in Safari. Highlight any text and send it to the dictionary via the “Share” button. Please first enable the dictionary as a Safari 'extension'. • New multiple clipboard look-up! You can now copy as many words as you need while reading – even the whole text, - switch back to the dictionary app and view all the relevant dictionary entries one-by-one. • Full text search allows you to look up words more efficiently throughout the whole dictionary content, including headwords, idioms and usage examples. • List of similar words in case of misspelling. • Wildcard search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters. • Search for anagrams, e.g . tab-bat • English morphology module to translate words in any grammatical form. • Hyperlinks between articles and directions. LEARN LANGUAGES WITH THE DICTIONARY • English audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers to master your spoken language skills. • Full linguistic information – with declension and conjugation tables – is included, making the dictionary a must-have for any language scholar of English. • Table of English irregular verbs. • Favorite articles to quickly access and revise frequently searched words. • Flash Card Quiz lets you add new words to flash cards, memorize them and test your knowledge as many times as you wish. • Handy Converter support to easily and quickly understand foreign measurements, especially when travelling abroad. ENJOY THE MOST COMFORTABLE WORK • New! Graphics fully adapted for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. • New! App startup has got 3 times faster! • Built-in PenReader multilingual handwriting recognition to enter your queries even more comfortable. • Enhanced customization options allow you to modify animated menus and choose background colors. • Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort. • No Internet connection required. • Arabic keyboard support. _____ About Dar El Ilm Group Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin is the oldest and largest leading privately owned publishing and distribution house of Arabic books and educational materials in the Arab world. It is also the first and major Arabic electronic multimedia producer company in the Arab world. Several of Dar El Ilm Lilmalayin's books have become record-breaking best sellers. These include: "Al Mawrid English-Arabic dictionary", and "Al Mawrid Arabic-English dictionary", both universally acknowledged and considered as the most popular and authoritative Arabic bilingual dictionaries; and "Alif Baa El Tabkh", and "Halwayat El Alam Fi Baytik", the most popular Arabic cookery books in the world Please visit for more information _______________________________________ الملاحق المتعلقة بهذه المصطلحات. قاعدة بيانات القاموس تتضمن 33000 مصطلح. وحدة صوت باللغة الإنكليزية تتضمن أكثر من 20000 تسجيل لناطقين باللغة الأم. تسجيل شفهي لناطقين باللغة الأصلية. إستخدام هذا القاموس لا يتطلب الإتصال بشبكة الإنترنت سوى مرة واحدة من أجل تنزيله ويمكن بعدها إسترجاع المعلومات في أي وقت ومكان من دون اية تكاليف إضافية. وصلات بين المحتويات والإرشادات. بحث مطوّل حول أخر أحدث 100 مصطلح لائحة بالمصطلحات المتشابهة لتفادي حالات التهجئة الخاطئة وحدة مورفولوجية المصطلحات للترجمة بأي شكل نحوي. بدائل حول البحث في حال لم يكن المستخدم متأكداً من تهجئة المصطلح. يمكنك إستخدام علامة الإستفهام "؟" أو مفتاح النجمة "*" كبديل للأحرف الناقصة. بطاقات كلمات للإختبار تساعدك على إختبار معلوماتك عدة مرّات. دعم لوحة المفاتيح العربية.

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