• Featured as "New and Noteworthy" and "Staff Favorite" by Apple. • Over 500,000 copies downloaded. • Ranked in Top 25 Music Apps for 14 consecutive months. Access and stream your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Music Library directly over WiFi from an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Chromecast or any compatible DLNA device. No Wires or special hardware needed! It can even stream to a PC running Windows Media Player. If you've heard all the hype about AirPlay and are missing out because you don't have an AppleTV, this app is for you! ????? HOW TO USE ????? ? Connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to the same local network as your Xbox, PS3, PS4 or PC. ? Start AirMusic. ? For Xbox 360, navigate to the Xbox System Music Player and select your device from the list. ? For Xbox One, navigate to the Xbox One Media Player under Apps and select your device in the list. ? For PS3, navigate to the PS3 Music Menu and select your device in the list. If it shows nothing underneath, it probably means you selected the Movie or Photo menu instead. ? For PS4, locate the Media Player in the Store. ? When AirMusic detects a Chromecast device, an icon will appear in the AirMusic navigation bar. Tap on it to connect then select the music you want to stream. ? For a PC running Windows, start Windows Media Player, your iPhone Music will show under 'Other Libraries'. ????? IMPORTANT ????? • AirMusic is not compatible with Apple Music. • AirMusic is compatible with iCloud as long as songs have been downloaded & synced with your phone. Tap the little cloud icon next to each song or album in the Music app to download them. • If AirMusic is not detecting all songs, try turning off iCloud Music Library in Settings. • AirMusic requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a minimum of 50MB of disk space to work effectively. • AirMusic is not compatible with old DRM songs purchased on iTunes. Newer iTunes DRM free purchases are compatible. • When using Chromecast, you can choose and change the music directly from your phone. For all other devices, you do it from these devices (ie Xbox, PS3, PC). If you are experiencing any other issues, please visit our site at or contact us at We can't help you if we don't hear from you! AirMusic is Copyright © Plutinosoft, LLC Powered by Platinum UPnP SDK

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    Great app I would highly recommend it to all music lovers
    I can listen to my Dubstep music while playing Black Ops 2
    Perfect for gamers who wanna listen to music while they play”
    Best music streaming app as of now in App Store”
    Finally ive found something that works to listen to music on my xbox
    I love it makes playing games much better listing to my iPod music
    ^____________^ I couldn't play music on my Xbox till I searches for this AWESOME app”
    Found this app and made my gaming experience better”
    Skype and a few other select mind blowing apps”
    Easy setup with my iphone 4s and my xbox360”
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    Internet connection isn't an issue”
    Website tech support is useless”
    Said nothing about needing wifi connection to stream”
    Horrible customer service

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