All that typing on cell phones and slouching over computer screens can cause real pain called Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). It's time to use the power of technology to fight the pains of technology! AcheBreak is a fun app for KIDS and ADULTS alike that uses easy exercises and prompts to flex those muscles that get strained as we play video games, type emails and text friends. Join one of our four animated characters, the monkey, the dog, the cool kid or the invisible man in a series of animated exercises designed to be done quickly and comfortably at your home or office. Use the app's "settings" section to schedule an ache break for yourself during the day. Just set the time and intervals between reminders, and the number of exercises you want to do, then let AcheBreak do the work...we'll send you a reminder when it's time to have a stretch. Start earning medals and achievement as you accomplish more stretches and start feeling good inside and out. Think you can make it all the way to a gold medal performance? Health and stretching don't have to be a bore and with a chimp or a dog for a fitness coach, they never will be. -Want to be a good gamer? Finger stretching helps increase your agility. -Feeling pain at work? That's because RSI is the top workplace injury in America. -Parents, you wouldn't let your kid ride in a car without a seat belt? Why let your kid be injured due to strain. -Perfect addition to any employer or insurance companies preventive health and wellness program. Features include: * 4 characters for kids, youth, teens and adult * Moving Animations that are entertaining and illustrative * Unlock rewards the more stretching you do * Ergonomic education section * Optional push notifications with vibration or sound * Easily schedule stretch times and set them to repeat

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