AARCHER™ - The One Tap Addictive Archery Game


AARCHER™ - The One Tap Addictive Archery Game

AARCHER™ is a simple yet extremely addictive level based game which will keep you hooked on for days. AARCHER™ is a game made for everyone of any age group. If you think you have good hand eye coordination, its time you put them to test. Here are some of the features of this simple strategy game. - One tap Gameplay - Really Easy Gameplay, no complicated stuff - Online Leaderboard - Works well and is fully compatible with iPhones and Tablets - Tons of Levels, which get updated every week, so make sure to keep this game stored in your phone So, how do you play this game: The objective of this game is to throw your arrows towards the large circle/ wheel in the middle. The level gets completed when you finish all your arrows. Sounds easy? Pfft.. - You need to adapt to the gameplay by adjusting your hand eye coordination with the speed of the wheel. As you move along the levels, the AI in AARCHER™ changes it's difficulty level to make things tougher for you. Let's see you adjusting to Speed changes, Change in Ball Rotation, Multi Rotations + Speed...and tons of more variations. Make sure you do not touch any of your arrows with the arrows that are rotating with the wheel - and this simple factor is what makes this game really really addictive. This robust game requires your utmost focus and attention. So, start tapping and enjoy this game..

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