MIDIRegs - Uilleann Pipes Regulators/Drones CoreMIDI Control Surface


MIDIRegs - Uilleann Pipes Regulators/Drones CoreMIDI Control Surface

Note - iOS 8.3 caused the sliders in this app to become transparent. Will issue an update as soon as possible. I apologize for any inconvenience. MIDIRegs is a Uilleann bagpipes Regulators/Drones CoreMIDI-compliant control surface for the iPhone and iPod Touch. MIDIRegs is modeled on the drones and three regulators (tenor, baritone, and bass) found on a full set of Uilleann pipes. MIDIRegs doesn't produce any sound on its own, it is for playing hardware or software VST-style MIDI synthesizers via CoreMIDI hardware interfaces connected to the dock connector or virtual MIDI instruments such as IK Multimedia SampleTank or Sonosaurus ThumbJam running on your device. Please visit the app support website to see some amazing live demo videos and for the settings you will need to enable in the synth app you are using to have it work with the control surface. MIDIRegs makes it possible to have drones and regulators that sound like any instrument patch available on a CoreMIDI virtual synth running on the device. You may also use the app to play sounds on a hardware MIDI synthesizer connected via a CoreMIDI interface attached to the dock connector of your device. Since the drones and regulators messages may be sent on two different MIDI channels, each can play a different synthesizer patch. Using the iPhone/iPod Touch screen mounted on the leg, it is possible to play MIDIRegs exactly as one would the physical instrument, turning the drones on and off with a switch and picking out the chords with the side of the hand. Touch the regulator play mode icon just below the drone switch to toggle between regulator auto-chord play and single play modes. MIDIRegs allows you to easily transpose the entire instrument to any key (+/- 12 semitones) using the "Transpose (semitones)" slider on the settings page. Here's the settings changes required for two popular synth apps: IK Multimedia SampleTank: - In Settings (touch the gear icon), enable "Background Audio" Sonosaurus ThumbJam: - In "Prefs", under "MIDI Control", in "MIDI General Options" enable "Use CoreMIDI" and "Active in Background" Other CoreMIDI compatible synth apps will have similar settings.

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