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1st Calc

„1st Calc“ is an Abacus-style bead frame, that helps primary school children to discover numbers up to 100. It provides them with a visual tool to play with numbers and lets them solve addition and subtraction problems. It is based on the latest math-teaching knowledge and its use contributes significantly to avoid any mathematical disabilities at an early stage and counteract this. „1st Calc“ is an invaluable tool harvesting the children's motivation to use the iPad or iPhone and makes up with a more fun learning experience. FEATURES · Selectable range of numbers: 0 - 20 or 0 - 100 · Bead frame for children · Choose between 4 different colors · Optional live cam view as background We will provide you with further updates. "1st Calc" will then be able to generate addition and subtraction problems, to guide the child through the solution process and to control and diagnose the child's input.

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