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Why try another music player when you've seen them all, and you use a better one anyway? Well - you haven't seen a music player like this. And believe me - mine's much bigger than yours! - Gapless playback on Jelly Bean! - Standard audio controls: bass boost, equalizer, virtualizer (audio widening), etc. - Unlimited number of equalizer presets, each preset can be calibrated via automatic room correction or audiogram-style calibration for headphones - Different sound profiles for dock/car/headphones - Replaygain support - Viper Audio equalizer supported where available - Experimental FFMpeg playback engine. Tested with: MP3, OGG, MPC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP4.x., Vorbis, APE. - Full id3v2 and VORBISCOMMENT reading and writing - Browse your collection faster than ever - see it on a 2D pinch-to-zoom-able matrix with customizable axii - Were you missing AlbumArtist tag? Well - not anymore. Group your media by artist, album, album artist, year or genre. - Quckly sweep between records in selected artist's discography - Picking from zoomable matrix too fancy? Choose your tracks the way geeks do it, from your own directory structure, with neat file system browser - Browse your tracks by rating, date of listening, date of adding to library, or playcount, with neat flow-style interface - Synchronize your music tags to MusicBrainz either automatically or by scanning barcode from your original CD (in your face, MediaMonkey) - Automatic album art downloading - Don't like the album art XenoAmp's fuzzy logic picked? No prob - you can always choose a better one manualy - Index and play your cifs media to create a real audio station for your home - Browse and create playlists from files on your SMB network - Edit tags for a bunch of tracks or mass edit by template - Outside of XenoAmp: click a file in ES Explorer, Total Commander, Solid Browser or Whatever File Browser and voila: you've created a playlist from current directory contents! - "native" XenoAmp Playlists are kept in m3u8 with absolute paths - manage .nomedia files inside xenoamp browser - You can't get more minimalist. Unless you turn off your display. - No standard Android widgets, handling the player is just touch or sweep. Draw a circle for volume up/down. - Managing playlists is no more a pain, you can EASILY (and I mean in a snap) create, delete and rename playlists, switch between them, append them with tracks based on any tag. - Click playlist entry to play, drag to move up/down, sweep to delete. - Supported music services: Subsonic, Google music, Dirble radio directory (was: Shoutcast) - Browse, bookmark and search tracks in each of the services - Scrobble to last.fm and libre.fm (scrobbling via wonderful "A simple last.fm scrobbler" - get it on the Market) - Browse into M3U, M3U8 and PLS, CUE and recursively into playlists inside them - M3U* and PLS handle local, HTTP, Subsonic, DLNA (UPnP) and SMB entries - Browse and search 8Tracks - Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Android audio focus and media button interfaces. - Displays lyric via Lyrics Wiki. - Minimalistic home screen widgets, currently 1x1, 4x1 and 4x2 - Respects .nomedia - Most features working on Gingerbread (API 10), could probably be made to work on Froyo (they used to, but since all my friends migrated to GB I can't say if it is still working) - Low end machines supported, working fluently on HTC Touch Pro2 (and that's a 528 Mhz CPU!). OK, not enough memory to display covers, but still usable. - Sleep timer - Voice commands - Remote control via web interface - Probably a lot more bits and pieces I forgot - all this in one bundle! Jelly Bean is a trademark of Google Inc. Gingerbread is a trademark of Google Inc., althouh your local pastry might have a different opinion. DLNA is a trademark of the Digital Living Network Alliance. 8Tracks is a trademark of 8tracks. HTC Tocuh Pro2 is a trademark of HTC Corporation.

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    And I must say it's probably the best music player I've tried”
    It's really a slightly different audio player
    I noticed that the lock screen controls didn't really work”
    It's good for audio quality
    Good media player
    One of my favorite somafm radio stations built”
    Great implementation of the file browser and the playlist features”
    Ui is somewhat not at par with sound quality
    The player should display the folders of music library
    Love the volume control and gesture interface”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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