Wordiest is a single-player free word game with a hint of multiplayer competition. Wordiest challenges you to assemble two words from 14 letters, competing with other players given the same set. See definitions as you form words, and touch score results to see what words others played. Sign-in to Google for leaderboards and achievements, competing with friends or the world for the best scores and ratings! Wordiest offers a one-time in-app purchase to remove ads and load significantly more games for offline play. ? Wordiest won the TWiT.tv All About Android #142 App Arena! ? "The best word game I have ever played on Android." -Erez Zukerman, Android Editor at MakeUseOf.com ? Featured in Mihir Patkar's "Words Without Friends: 7 Mind-Bending Single-Player Word Games" Fun features: • Touch the score graph to see other submissions. • Press and hold "reset" to clear only non-words. • Challenge others via Google+ to beat your score with the same starting letters. Frequently asked questions: • Why isn't X a word? Wordiest mashes up Wiktionary and the SOWPODS list of English words, only using entries that appear in both lists. Many Wiktionary entries are not actually words, in particular proper nouns such as city and country names. • How is rating computed? Your rating is a moving average tracking the percentage of players you beat each round. If the percentage is greater than your current rating, your rating increases. • Are there always 100 players? Almost always. Wordiest keeps 100 players per match, when a new player enters an old one gets kicked out.

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    This is a great little time waster
    Great time killer for English majors”
    Playing this game sharpens you skills in other games such as Scrabble”
    Like this game and Scrabble lovers will have fun too”
    A very enjoyable and thought provoking game”
    Simple yet super fun
    Very fun and a great way to learn new words and their meaning”
    Great quick fun
    Great thinking game good for the brain”
    And one of the BEST word games I've played in a while”
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