Woof Moo - WFMU online radio


Woof Moo - WFMU online radio

This is an app for listening to WFMU. Tune in to WFMU's live streams and its related channels, browse the archives, catch up with the latest WFMU news, or check out the weekly schedules. It's simple, it's basic, but it does the job, and I hope you find it useful. This app is UNOFFICIAL, and not sanctioned or endorsed by WFMU. It is just a personal project. Note that media playback on Android can be a bit of a minefield. So if it doesn't work, please stick with it, and I'll try to fix it eventually. Known issues: Pauses when tapping STOP button before audio starts. Lock screen song notification disappearing (only seen on Moto G so far) Permissions: WAKELOCK: Allows playback the while screen is off. NETWORK_INFO: Checks whether you're on Wi-Fi (and optionally forbids an expensive connection)

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